Meishan Pigs

Meishan Pigs are simply amazing.  We stumbled upon this breed quite by accident, but we can all agree - there's no going back!  We absolutely love these animals.  They are a joy to raise, and they provide us with such high quality and delicious meat.

They were imported to the United States from China in the late 1980's - and they are currently on the endangered species list!

There's a wealth of really interesting information out there - so let me take a moment to link directly to their Wikipedia page so that you can check it all out yourself!

We sell both half hog or whole hog shares.

We typically work with a local butcher, The Meating Place, to process your animal, but YOU get to decide how you want the butcher to cut and package everything!  Whether you prefer bacon, sausage, ham, or chops there is no end to the customization you can choose from.  The Meating Place has options for cured smoked bacon, spiced Italian sausage, and much more...!

We are currently on pause while we relocate the farm.  We will update the site as soon as possible once we are back up and running in the new place!

Pricing can always fluctuate and consists of many factors, including ensuring the highest quality food, care and living environment for the animals.  Current pricing is shown below.  Lock in your price today by reserving your shares now!

There are two parts to the total cost:


Current Meishan pig pricing for half or whole hogs: $4.99 per pound

Current availability: none available.  check back spring 2024 for updates!

Contact us to reserve your shares at the current per pound pricing.  Deposit of $80 per half hog share required.  Remainder of payment for animal due at time of processing and will depend on final hanging weight (est. 175 - 250 pounds per whole hog).