Current Deals

Here's where you can find a listing of all the current deals, pricing, and schedule on Fitzgerald's Sunset Farm!  Farming can be a very seasonal endeavor and availability can certainly ebb and flow with the time of year and the natural demand cycle.   We'll try our best to keep everything as up to date as possible, but please don't hesitate to reach out directly via email or our social media!

Last Updated: 8/16/2023

Egg availability: NO - We're sorry for the disruption, but we are on pause while we relocate!  Once we are settled and have the farm back up and running we will post an update!  Check back soon and thanks for your patience!

Silver Fox rabbit availability: 0 available.   We are currently on pause while we relocate our farm.  We will post updates as soon as possible once we are re-established and back in business!

$25 / rabbit. With full pedigree $60.  All rabbits come with a bag of current feed, and a bag of current hay.  Pedigree comes with certified 3+ generation and breeding documentation.  Left ear will be tattooed with ID noting breed, date of birth, weight, and gender.

Meishan pig availability: 0 available. We are on pause while we relocate.  Check back shortly and we'll post updates as soon as we're back up and running in the new place!

Produce availability: Pumpkins & Corn!  We have pumpkins just starting to turn, they'll be ready very soon!  U-Pick corn also available!