Fitzgerald's Sunset Farm

Silver Fox rabbits are an amazing multi-purpose breed of rabbit!

Originally Imported to the United States in the 1980's, Meishan pigs have a very rich and flavorful protein.  They are super friendly and mostly love to eat and nap!

Our farm fresh eggs come in many different colors. Our chickens are cage free and love to roam, searching out interesting places on the farm, and always scratching around looking for the next snack!


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Meet our Family!

Welcome!  We are a small family farm located in North Plains, Oregon.   On our farm you will find Meishan pigs, Silver Fox rabbits, and a few different breeds of egg-laying chickens.  Our farm makes sure the product that you buy is well accounted for.  We make sure that our animals are happy and safe 24/7.  Thank you for being a part of our farm's community! - The Fitzgerald Family